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Auto & Boat Insurance in Elkton, Maryland

Insure all the things that help you get around with auto, motorcycle, and boat insurance from Chesapeake Life Counsel in Elkton, Maryland.
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Auto & Motorcycle Insurance

No matter what type of car, motorcycle, driving record, or credit score you have, we get you the insurance coverage you need to drive safely for an affordable price. Whether you have some “spots” on your driving record or you are “squeaky-clean”, we work with you to custom tailor an insurance solution that fits your needs and your budget. As usual, a good driving record with no tickets or accidents does lead to cheaper insurance, so drive safely. Insurance is required for all types of cars and street legal motorcycles. Let our knowledgeable agents get you the coverage you need against theft, liability, physical damage, and personal injury. For motorcycles, we offer accessory coverage, which protects accessories like chrome, handlebars, saddlebags and custom graphics, as well as coverage for the trailer you use to transport your bike.
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Boat Insurance

For the avid boaters out there, like ourselves, we offer insurance policies to cover your boat or yacht. Our comprehensive boat insurance policies also cover debris removal, environmental cleanup, and towing coverage. Cleanup coverage is necessary if your boat or yacht ever capsizes or sinks and pollutants escape into the water. While boat insurance is not mandatory, we recommend it to protect this investment. We include uninsured boater coverage because you never know when someone without any insurance may plow into you. Buy your boat insurance from boaters.
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